About Us

About Us

Welcome to Phoenixia agro trade, a dynamic and innovative agricultural trading organization founded in 2022 to define agribusiness's future. We take pleasure in being at the forefront of the agricultural business, connecting worldwide markets with Togo's enormous agricultural resources and beyond. We are located in the bustling metropolis of Lome. We recognize the critical role agriculture plays in supporting communities and economies. Our mission is to build a prosperous and sustainable future by bridging the global gap between producers and consumers. We assist in the effective and dependable delivery of high-quality agricultural commodities to fulfill the different demands of our international clients through our extensive network of farmers, suppliers, and partners. We use innovative systems and procedures to optimize agricultural commodity sourcing, shipping, and delivery, ensuring timely and dependable supplies that match our client's needs. At Phoenixia Agro Trade, we are dedicated to forming long-term relationships, providing great value, and influencing positive change in the agribusiness world. Let us work together to promote success and get the benefits of a brighter future.

Our Services

Quality Sourcing

To assure a consistent and stable supply of agricultural products, we have developed solid partnerships with farmers, cooperatives, and suppliers. To suit the different demands of our customers, we carefully choose and source a wide range of commodities, including grains, pulses, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, spices, and more.

Logistics and Shipping

In the agro trade industry, efficient logistics and timely delivery are critical. In addition to interior transportation, customs clearance, documentation, and ocean freight, we handle all aspects of transportation. Our large network of dependable logistics partners enables us to deliver products to our consumers worldwide in a timely and secure manner.

Financial Services

We recognize that financial activities are critical in agriculture trading. To serve our client's needs, we offer financial services such as letter of credit agreements, payment facilitation, and trade financing alternatives to facilitate smooth transactions.

Customer assistance

From initial inquiries to post-sales help, our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you throughout the entire process. We cherish our customers and endeavor to provide timely and personalized support with any questions or problems they may have.